Shoulder + Tree = Pain

After the bad start to the week I decided to take the afternoon off to use up some time owing. Having departed this morning just as my neighbours started loading a removal van, I arrived home just as the last box was squeezed in, so I bid them farewell and arranged a belated goodbye drink for later in the week. I then had a wander round town picking up, amongst other things, a small tripod for the camera. It’s short enough to just fit into my Camelbak Blowfish, and was only £18 from Jessops.

Then it was ride time. The ride up the hill was interesting due to the roadworks. Half of the dual carridgeway is coned off, leaving one lane which is too narrow for cars to safely pass a cyclist. In the interests of not holding up the traffic I was a naughty boy and rode up the pavement. After a nice run across the top of the hill, I dropped down into the woods for the descent back to town. The bike and I flowed as one down the track, twisting and turning with precision, popping of the roots and drops with ease, and then proceeding to collide with a tree. My shoulder is now missing a patch of skin and is a bit sore and stiff. The rest of the descent was incident free, and the disc rotor stayed true. I then played “dodge the suicidal school escapee” on the road home as they all made their dash for freedom.

I wonder if the finish of todays stage of the TdF will be as eventful as yesterday?

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1 Response to Shoulder + Tree = Pain

  1. tim and holly says:

    your “smashing” story certainly made our day!!!