Pain in any language

Hot and sunny out today, so around midday I decided to go exploring on the bike. There is a route known as The Rockies to the group of us who used to ride it years ago, it gets it’s name from the two descents which are covered in wet loose rocks, and I’d not ridden it for a few years. Equipped with plenty of water, a map and compass, and the GPS, I headed out into the hills. All was going well, the first descent was dispatched with little incident, I took a minor detour in Inglesbatch when I couldn’t remember the route, but soon found my way. It all went horribly wrong when I reached the top of the 2nd descent.

I started off OK, then after a few feet there was a small dropoff, about 12″ or so, onto what I thought was damp but solid dirt. How wrong I was. It proved to be 6″ of sloppy gloop. My front wheel touched down and stopped dead, I then proceded to perform a nice face-plant into the rocks, landing with most of my weight on my left arm which was headed for the rocks. It now has a large lump on it, several cuts, a couple of holes, and lots of grazes. It also seized up after the crash meaning I ended up having to ride the last half of the route mostly one-handed and I couldn’t grip the bar comfortably. Luckily there wasn’t much technical riding left, so it didn’t cause too many problems. It’s a little better now I’ve flushed the mud out of it, scrubbed it as clean as possible, and drowned it in antiseptics. I shall apply a lager and red wine poultice (internally) this evening in the interests of aiding the healing process. Hopefully it won’t keep me off the bike tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Pain in any language

  1. matt says:

    and where are the pictures?

  2. rjw says:

    I sort of forgot to take any.

  3. grant says:

    fool. (about the photos)

    Get well soon Bruv