Lies, damn lies, and government reports

It’s still hot, it’s also started raining, and we are still a crap hospital according to various measurements which have virtually nothing to do with the quality of the medical care you will receive.

There was an good comment this morning from the Chief Exec of one trust which narrowly missed 3-star status. He said they would just stop providing the services which caused them to miss the guidelines this year. The sad truth these days is that as a patient, you are nothing more than a government statistic. The government don’t seem care what level of treatment you receive, or whether we actually cure you, as long as we “deal” with you within a fixed timescale.

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3 Responses to Lies, damn lies, and government reports

  1. matt says:

    damn right.
    the money spent in creating statisics would be better used ON THE PATIENTS.. stupid paperpushing morons.

  2. Olly says:

    I’ve noticed something. Government League Tables and the like dont seem to work at all. They dont seem to work for schools. They plainly dont work for hospitals. They’re rubbish.

    Is there a league table of crap league tables?

  3. rjw says:

    In the league table of crap league tables, they are all tied for last place.