Camping it up.

I don’t know what was worse, the cubs waking me up at 05:30 on Saturday or not riding a bike at all over the weekend. Both were pretty horrifying in themselves.

It was the 2003 District Friendship camp, we (28th Bath scout leaders) were running backwoods cooking again (I think this is the 4th year now). We ran 4 sessions on Saturday for about 80 kids and 10 leaders, cooking stew, bread, and a cake. The stew was done in tin foil instead of the more traditional dock leaves, the bread was cooked in a spcially constructed oven, and the cakes cooked in half an orange. All this was done over an open fire. It all went fairly smoothly, the only real downside was that I headed down into the working area about 7am and didn’t emerge until 6pm, making it a long day.

It didn’t rain too much, apparently it was quite sunny on the Saturday but I missed most of it by being hidden down in the trees. Today was quite nice but kept threatening to rain, but in the end nothing much fell out of the sky. I feel slightly more human now that I’ve had a shower, all I need now is to catch up on my missing sleep.

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