Back on the bike

I managed a proper ride today for the first time for over a week, and what a relief it was.

Having escaped from work early I got changed and headed out on my usual route. The path through Rainbow Woods has been cut back making it an alltogether more comfortable experience. The route down through the woods was wet and slippery. I almost went over the bars when the front wheel suddenly dug into the track pitching me forwards, and crossing the numerous roots and moss covered rocks was an unpredictable experience. I just got home before the rain got too bad as well. I feel a lot better for getting a few more miles in.

Also a new pair of Wellgo pedals arrived which look good, despite Chain Reaction sending Gunmetal coloured ones instead of the black I ordered. I’m not that bothered as I almost ordered the gunmetal anyway. I’ll probably fit those later and give them a try out tomorrow.

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