My DECT phone started playing up a couple of days ago, so I took it back tonight and got a full refund of £60, then popped to the shop next door and picked up a triple-pack of the same handset for £70. I think that qualifies as a good deal.

Happy belated birthday to my Inbred, which was two years old on the 24th. Well, that was the day I first rode it, the frame had arrived two weeks earlier.

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3 Responses to Bargains

  1. matt says:

    you must have got that after me then, i always thought you had yours first..
    I would have had mine really early if it handn’t been touted around the country as a test frame.. at least it was }} pre-worn {{ by the time I got it :-)

  2. rich says:

    Mine was one of the first DN6 ones, not the posh 853 one.