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Lazy Sundays

A quiet day today. Finally finished tidying up from the BBQ by cleaning both BBQ’s and returning the borrowed one to it’s rightful owner. Went for a quick spin on the Craftworks. The SRAM trigger shifters work superbly, only once … Continue reading

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Another Saturday, another hangover.

Had a BBQ for a few friends last night. A few people didn’t turn up, so in the end there were only 6 of us eating, and there was far too much food and alcohol. The last of the guests … Continue reading

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White’s Level

Today was “riding day”. I picked Mike up at 9:30 ish, and we headed off in the direction of Afan, planning to ride the new White’s Level trail. After missing the turning the first time, we finally parked up and … Continue reading

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Fork off

The new IS +25 adaptor arrived this morning so the Craftworks now has nice Fox Vanilla 125R forks, and the Stiffee has the Z1 Drop-Offs. In a spooky co-incidence sort of way, I was offering to sell my Jack Flash … Continue reading

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Gears are gay

I think the gears on the Craftworks are jinxed, I just can’t get them set up properly. They were skipping and jumping on the way home tonight, although I gave them a quick tweak just before I got back. The … Continue reading

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What is it about Ikea?

2:30pm on a weekday afternoon and the place was absolutely packed with people. It took me two circuits of the carpark to find a space, and then I would quite cheerfully have murdered about 100 people in the store who … Continue reading

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Bike snobbery

Whilst out riding today, Ian and I had a lengthy discussion about the merits of plain old Deore kit. Ian was riding a mostly Deore equipped Ricky Martin demo bike, and I was on my trusty Craftworks. We came to … Continue reading

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I never did make it into town, but I did eat an entire packet of Jestives all by myself.

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Bikes = Great

It’s an oft-expressed equation, but one that deserves repeating. After the excesses of last night I went for a ride this morning with Ian. Once out of the house my head cleared, the hangover departed, and the riding was excellent. … Continue reading

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Slack day today. Tidied the house a bit, lounged in the sun in the garden, and went for a short ride on the Craftworks. Nothing too strenuous.

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