Left home about 8am this morning to pick up Olly then headed across to meet Matt at the FoDCA trail.

First off we rode round the FoDCA 1 XC trail. This is just over 2 miles of pure singletrack, relentless and unforgiving. It took us about 45 minutes the first time, but we weren’t exactly hurrying.

After refueling with chocolate we headed out to play on the DH courses. Olly guided us down two of them, both of which were fun and 95% ridable for a wimp like me. The second course we did was mostly open singletrack through the trees, and more fun than the first course.

By now it was lunchtime, Matt went for cake, Olly and I took the burger and chips option. Perfect race food.

A second loop of the XC course beckoned, it was a bit easier riding it as we half knew what was coming, but all of us were beginning to feel tired, and by then end I started making silly mistakes and picking stupid lines. The planned additional run down the DH course was aborted on the grounds we’d probably all have killed ourselved by riding headfirst into the nearest tree.

Self-preservation led us to drive back to Bath, and once we sat down it was too much like hard work to go out for another ride. We’ll wait for Afan tomorrow.

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3 Responses to FoDCA

  1. matt says:

    ahh haa!
    this is what all that frantic typing was last night then.

  2. rich says:


    What did you think I was doing ;)

  3. matt says:

    replying to some tecchy hifi weirdos