Mad dogs and Englishmen

Went out riding the morning. Left home at about 10:30 and got back around 1:40. Three hours in the blazing sunshine. It was a good ride apart from an impromptu stop on a fast descent. The bike stopped when the front wheel got crossways in a rut and got stuck, and I stopped when my left knee and chest slammed into the rocky edge of the path. My left arm is grazed and bruised down pretty much all of the inside, my left knee is cut in a few places and swollen, left thigh is bruised, as is the left side of my chest. No doubt I’ll ache even more in the morning.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing in the sun and finishing off a book, then there was a minor interruption when the mail server at work died yet again and I had to go in to resuscitate it.

Tomorrow I go back to work, something I’m not entirely looking forward to.

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1 Response to Mad dogs and Englishmen

  1. matt says:

    stop riding to fecking much
    it;s not fair.