The correct spring had arrived when I got back at lunchtime, so the Craftworks is now complete and has been test ridden, albeit briefly. It feels quite odd riding a full-bounce bike, but I could get used to it :)

The angles feel quite slack on the Craftworks at the moment, and it could possibly do with a slightly longer stem. I’ll give it a proper off-road ride later and see how I get on though.

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4 Responses to Bounceyness

  1. matt says:

    bikes are odd like that.. just leave it a while and see..

    “tweek and enjoy”

    ooo i like that new phrase

  2. rich says:

    It’s probably down to having just ridden a long, steep angled bike before jumping onto the Craftworks.

    I’ll take the longer route home via the LBS, then go for a proper ride to see how it handles.

  3. MIke D says:

    Plus the back’s probably sagging more than the front when you’re sat down. Longish travel bikes always seem to feel a bit sharper when you’re stood up.

  4. grant says:

    Ah ha’e yeh saw much righ’ nuw.