Went for another spin on the Craftworks tonight. Having managed to sort the suspension out a bit more, the bike is coming to life. It still bobs a bit on climbing, but thats to be expected, however it’s a lot more plush on the rougher stuff now. There is still an imbalance between the performance of the front end (2001 Marzocchi Z1 Drop-Off) and the rear end (2003 Fox Vanilla RC), but thats nothing that can’t be solved with the aid of a credit card.

Work is manic at the moment, but I only have two more days in the office, then I have just over a week off. I can hardly wait.

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11 Responses to Plush

  1. matt says:

    days off r good.

  2. Lolly says:

    Dont say the credit card word. I have a feeling mine may be abused again in a Boxxer stylee as soon as I pay enough of it off :-/

  3. Gray says:

    MMMMmmm toys.

    Don’t talk to me about cards though.

    Got home to a nice letter from NatWest telling me they’re charging me for going overdrawn. On a card I haven’t used since around 1994. The account had about

  4. rich says:


    Banks suck.

    Natwest were the ones who decided to cancel my card rather than replace it, leaving me with no access to cash for a week.


  5. Gray says:

    I think I’ll go round there and give them a good sound beating. That’ll make me feel better.


    I’m bloody glad I’m off on holiday on Saturday, anyway.

  6. matt says:


  7. Gray says:


    You could have come…

  8. matt says:

    apart from I couldn’t
    i am a slave to my own success or summit like that!

  9. rjw says:

    You’re a bloody idiot, thats what.