Holiday, celebrate

The first day of my holiday today, and I didn’t get a phone-call from work for a change.

Slouched around most of the morning, popped down to the LBS for a few things, then raided the supermarket for junkfood.

Went for a quick spin on the bike this afternoon looking for a path near Twinhoe as recommended by MikeD. It was a nice fun ride although I was battling with a hangover which sucked the energy out of me. I also managed to burn my finger on a disk rotor when clearing vegetation from the cassette and mech.

The Craftworks is still fun to ride although I’ll steal the saddle off the road bike later and put it on the Craftworks instead.

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2 Responses to Holiday, celebrate

  1. rich says:


    I had ridden it before, but not for a good 10 years or more.

    Shame I had no energy whatsoever to enjoy it properly.