Another Saturday, another hangover.

Had a BBQ for a few friends last night. A few people didn’t turn up, so in the end there were only 6 of us eating, and there was far too much food and alcohol. The last of the guests stumbled off home around midnight leaving me to finish off the last of the wine. I ended up falling into bed about 2am which probably wasn’t a wise move.

Today was mainly taken up with building a wall in the garden, or more precisely watching my Dad build a wall while I struggled with a hangover. Popped down to the LBS at the end of the day to get a few bits to try to cure the erratic shifting on the Craftworks. Came back with new Sram Attack trigger shifters, new 9spd cassette, and a new 9spd chain. Even after only a quick spin I’m very impressed with the shifters, they seem more intuative than the Shimano equivalent. If I can get my head working properly tomorrow, I’ll go for a proper test ride.

Mike has written a much better report about White’s Level than I managed. Shame about the ugly bloke in all the pictures though :)

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3 Responses to Another Saturday, another hangover.

  1. matt says:

    the ugly fat one? :-)

  2. rjw says:

    Yes, him.

    Any idea who he is?

  3. matt says:

    no idea.
    looks like a jayboy.