Lazy Sundays

A quiet day today. Finally finished tidying up from the BBQ by cleaning both BBQ’s and returning the borrowed one to it’s rightful owner.

Went for a quick spin on the Craftworks. The SRAM trigger shifters work superbly, only once did I forget and try to shift up a gear using my index finger. I did accidentally shift once when I nudged the lever with my thumb, but other than that they were nice and precise and easier to use than Shimano. Having now ridden a familiar route, the bike is a lot more balanced with the Fox Vanilla’s on the front. The next upgrade will probably be a 185mm rotor for the rear to replace the 160mm on there at the moment.

Unfortunatly it’s back to work tomorrow, and it’s also the start of the skittles season. It’ll be interesting to see if we can manage to raise a complete team this year.

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3 Responses to Lazy Sundays

  1. matt says:

    oh is up AND down done but thumb PRESSES?
    that’s like Suntour’s X-Press system from 1991 (i still have a pr of these :-) )

  2. rich says:

    Down is push thumb forward. Up is thumb upwards. In theory you can use your index finger to hook the lever up, but it’s easier with your thumb.

  3. matt says:

    oo interesting.