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Scaremongering or just shite reporting?

“One had the word ‘pics’ on it and the other the word ‘kazaa’ – the name of an internet site which stored indecent pictures of children for downloading on to personal computers.” Full article here

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Interesting quotes from the BBC

Apparently Bright Young Things, has a cast member called sod the film, and he, or she, was introduced to Prince Charles at the premiere of the film. Either that or the BBC has screwed things up a bit. Update: Looks … Continue reading

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Autumn brings with it a change of spring

Or more accurately, springs. The Inbred hasn’t been ridden for a month, and last time I rode it the forks were horrendous, virtually no rebound damping, and a rather harsh action. I think the combination of X-Heavy springs, ant 7.5wt … Continue reading

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Madness, utter madness

Bored with TCP-IP over wire? Think TCP-IP over avian carrier is passe? How about TCP-IP over Bongo Drums?

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No energy

Went out for a ride this afternoon, no energy at all, my legs ended up just going through the motions and not really doing anything useful. It wasn’t a bad ride per se, it just wasn’t a particularly good one. … Continue reading

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I think someone has broken Amazon. Maybe they didn’t like the complaint I sent them earlier? [rich@batfink:~]lynx -dump Http/1.1 Service Unavailable [rich@batfink:~]

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Nearly the millennium

Busy day today. Meetings at work, meetings off-site, funeral, then finally a trip into town to get my headphones replaced (again). At least that part of the days is over. I’ve been tracking my cycling miles since the beginning of … Continue reading

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It must be winter

Not only did I have to find a jacket to wear when cycling to work, but I also put the heating on this morning. Bring back summer. Amazon are continuing with their bizzare shipping estimates. I’ve just ordered two items, … Continue reading

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Advice for weight weenies – part 1

In order to make your bike feel ultra-light, just spend a couple of weeks riding an overweight behemoth. When you return to your pride and joy it will feel light as a feather. Or at least thats what I found … Continue reading

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Housing Admin vs Larks

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