Autumn brings with it a change of spring

Or more accurately, springs.

The Inbred hasn’t been ridden for a month, and last time I rode it the forks were horrendous, virtually no rebound damping, and a rather harsh action. I think the combination of X-Heavy springs, ant 7.5wt oil was a recipe for disaster. After procastinating for several weeks, today I finally stuck some softer springs in which seems to have tamed them somewhat, and they now feel 100% better. At some point I’ll stick some thicker oil in as well.

The Z1’s on the Stiffee also got some softer springs, as did the Forx on the Craftworks. I was running both with no pre-load, and felt they could be softened up some more. I’ll have to give them all a good ride over the next week or so to see if I’ve improved things, or made them too soft.

Thanks to Grant, the Hack bike is back in action with some Marin Ovation cranks. I seem to have a collection of square-taper Deore drive-side cranks spare if anyone has a need for one. I just don’t seem to get on with the non-drive side ones having rounded the taper in two, and stripped out the pedal thread in a third.

No energy

Went out for a ride this afternoon, no energy at all, my legs ended up just going through the motions and not really doing anything useful. It wasn’t a bad ride per se, it just wasn’t a particularly good one.

I think I shall partake of some concerted vegitating tonight and see if I can find a small reserve of energy for a quick ride tomorrow.

Nearly the millennium

Busy day today. Meetings at work, meetings off-site, funeral, then finally a trip into town to get my headphones replaced (again). At least that part of the days is over.

I’ve been tracking my cycling miles since the beginning of May, mainly because I was curious as to how far I actually ride, it’s quite easy as I tend to to the same few routes and know how far those are. Anyway, getting to the point of this post, it currently says

Total Mileage to date: 999.95

I’m sure I must of missed off 0.05 of a mile somewhere, but rather than cheat I think it’s time to go for a ride.

And yes I do know that a millennium refers to 1000 years instead of 1000 miles, but I don’t really care.

It must be winter

Not only did I have to find a jacket to wear when cycling to work, but I also put the heating on this morning. Bring back summer.

Amazon are continuing with their bizzare shipping estimates. I’ve just ordered two items, both marked as “usually dispatched within 24 hours”, so you’d naturally expect them to be dispatched tomorrow. However Amazon seem to think that 24 hours means Sunday or Monday, which I reckon is more like 72 or 96 hours. If it’s not dispatched by tomorrow morning I’ll cancel it and go into town Saturday.

Update: 10 minutes later the order is marked ar “Dispatching soon” but they still think that next-day delivery will take until Tuesday.

Housing Admin vs Larks

It looked like it was going to be another whitewash with Housing losing 4-0 at one point, however thanks to a 13 spare from yours truly, followed by a 14 spare from the eventual top scorer Louise in the subsequent leg, we managed to salvage a few points.

The final score was Housing Admin 3 – Larks 5, giving Housing 3 points, and 8 to the Larks.

Next week sees the start of the cup matches with the dreaded Nomination cup. Currently we only have 6 players which could make things interesting when you are meant to have 8.