53 weeks

That’s how long it was since I last rode the road bike.

Someone at work is looking for a new road bike, thinking that I might be able to sell him mine I finally dug it out of the cellar, pumped up the tyres, fitted a saddle, and went for a quick spin to check that it all still works. I quite enjoyed the 0.5 miles I did. I might see if I can sell it and then replace it with a cyclo-cross bike, or I might just keep it and ride it a bit more often. Not too fussed either way. I shall ride it to work tomorrow for him to have a look at, but I think he’s looking for something a bit beefier with mudguard eyelets at the back.

As tradition demands, I returned to work from annual-leave today and my first job was to fix a dead mail server. It came back up cleanly though which was a relief.

The Skittles season starts with out first match in about 2.5 hours time, we are away at home tonight which is always confusing. It’s never quite the same playing away on your own alley.

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2 Responses to 53 weeks

  1. MIke D says:

    “It’s never quite the same playing away on your own alley.”

    That sounds like a euphemism for something, but I hardly even dare imagine what.

  2. Bez says:

    Mmmppppfffttt!! LOL