The sunshine returns and the bridleways are clear

Summer makes a brief, but welcome, reappearance.

Trudged across town clutching a Jack Flash frame this morning only to find that the LBS and their couriers have had a falling out so they can’t send it for me. I then had to trudge back across town clutching the frame and a large box. Somehow I need to get it to a postoffice on Monday.

Bodged a 185mm disc rotor onto the back of the Craftworks using a Marzocchi +25 adaptor cunning machined out to fit, along with a Planet-X rotovator rotor which had previously been acting as a plate-stand on my coffee table. It works remarkably well. There will be rotor swappage in the week when the new Hope E4 rotor arrives, and I’ll fit the proper +25 adaptor when the distributors get some more in a months time or so.

Had a nice ride on the bike this afternoon, someone had nicely redone some of the bridleway. One bit had been resurfaced with loose stone last year and has now had a sandy covering laid down which makes it a lot nicer to ride and walk on, and the descent down into North Stoke has had all the weeds and foliage either side of the path cut right back. It’s almost a bit too open now, but will save it from getting completely overgrown and too narrow. The fallen tree has also been cleared from the nice descent towards Swineford making it flow much better. It’s good to see that some farmers take some care over the paths crossing their land.

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