Grantstock – The Saturday

Saturday dawned rather earlier than we would have liked. A lack of transport meant some improvising in order to fit three bikes, kit, and three large people (two of them rather larger than the other) into Gray’s car. We managed it in the end and headed out to Glentress about 90 minutes drive away where we to meet AJ, something that would have been easier if Grant could have remembered what he looked like :)

In the end it proved to be quite easy as we found AJ finishing off his breakfast as we headed into The Hub to get ours. Once refueled we assembled the bikes and headed out on the Red route. After about a mile of climbing I discovered a slight problem, my left crank was somewhat broken, the square taper was no-longer square and so the crank would fall off every few yards. I caught up with the others and annouced this little set-back. I elected to coast back down the access road to the carpark to try to buy new cranks, and would meet the others at the top of the climb in an hour or so. Once back at the car I bought new cranks and a BB at an extortionate price which made my credit card cry, and proceeded to fit them complete with comedy “cranks at 90o” moment. I then set back out on the couple of miles of climbing to catch up with the others.

We eventually all met up and spent a few minutes playing in the skills area to let me catch my breath again. Once we’d messed about enought we started back out on the proper route. After a bit of climbing we hit the first singletrack descent, this was nice a swoopy and great fun to ride. AJ was a bit bruised after a big crash at Glentress the day before, so once we’d regrouped at the next fire-road, he elected to take an easier route back to the car-park and then home.

We continued on our merry way round the red route, lots of swoopy descents mixed with fireroad and singletrack climbs. A brief deviation was made to the Ewok Village on the black route, where we were all completely useless and only rode the first construction. It did make for a good photo opportunity though. Making our way back to the red route we headed back to the cafe for lunch. By this time we were all feeling tired, and I was starting to make silly mistakes when picking lines making my riding even worse than usual.

Back at the cafe Gray and I refueled with a Hubba Bubba breakfast, Grant wimped out and went for a toastie followed by cake. Suitable bloated we loaded the bikes into the car and drove up to the top carpark. This gave us good access to the “Freeride Area” and “Skills Area”.

The Freeride Area is a cross between a downhill course and a bmx track, we rode this 3 times or so with extra mucking around for photos. We then nipped across to the Skills Area and played around on the mini North Shore type stuff for a while, taking loads more photos along the way. Eventually we were all tired and hungry so reloaded the car and headed back to Grants flat.

Back at the flat we briefly said hello to Jen, who promptly went back out again (apparently it wasn’t due to my choice of aftershave) leaving us in charge of Jess. We spent the evening pretty much the same was as Friday night. More beer, more pizza, more MTB DVD’s.

Eventually sleep beckoned, tomorrow would be another day of riding.

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