Grantstock – The Sunday

Sunday crept it’s way into existence somewhat later than Saturday had. I stumbled out of bed around 9:15 and found my way to the kitchen and a mug of coffee. The plan for the day was to ride local stuff.

Eventually we were managed to get ourselves together, dig the bikes out of the garage, and hit the open road. My legs felt like lead and my “get up and go” had got up and gone somewhere without me. We forced our way along three miles of road before reaching the fireroad climb up to Mount Doom. A mile or so of fairly gentle climbing brought us to a desolate, barren, hilltop. Grant led us across this wasteland and brought us out at the edge of a quarry. This proved to be a playground for bikes. A couple of nice obvious lines, and plenty of other stuff to work around. We spent a good hour or so here playing around, taking pictures and video of each other, watching Gray crash, picking new lines and generally having loads of fun. I just wish we had something like that local to me. All good things come to and end, and so we headed back down off the hill and back along the road. We took a minor deviation to ride round a mini bmx-track type effort a few times, then popped into the local supermarket to stock up on pies for lunch. The downsides of this ride were Grant tearing a sidewall on his rear tyre, and me finding a chunk of Fox Forx stanchion missing.

One stuffed full of pies, cheese, pringles, and Irn Bru, we threw the bikes onto the rack and drove up to Blairadam Forest. Here we did some XC stuff through the trees, I crashed once, 28″ bars are not conducive to ducking and diving through narrow gaps between trees. After a few miles of weaving and bobbing we stopped off at a play area with a few natural half-pipes, and some less natural little jumps. We played around a bit, Gray jumped, I took photos, and Grant did an impression of Badger while inflating a flat tyre. After playing around for a while we headed back to the car via a bit more singletrack. By this time I was well and truely knackered.

Back at the flat we sat down to pasta, more beer, and yet more mtb dvd’s. Bed was a welcome site.

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2 Responses to Grantstock – The Sunday

  1. Lolly says:

    “Grant did an impression of Badger while inflating a flat tyre”

    LOL! :)

  2. grant says:

    It was a homage.