Grantstock – Homeward bound

Should 5:45am exist on a Monday morning? It did today.

Due to Gray having a prior appointment with a Dentist, we needed to be back in Macc before midday. So 6am saw me trying to squeeze a sleeping back back into a stuff-sac the size of a tin of beans. After gulping down a quick coffee we loaded pretty much everything we needed to into the car, and were on our way by 6:30 leaving Grant to head back to bed.

Lots and lots of driving got us back to Macc for about 11am, another mug of coffee and it was time to continue the journey back to civilisation. Despite the best attempts of the M6/M5 interchange to destroy my will to live, I finally parked up outside my house just after 3pm, some 9.5 hours and 420 miles after leaving Cowdenbeath.

I’ve sort of unpacked, sorted out most of the pics and videos, and am bloody knackered. Give me a good nights sleep and I might return to some semblance of normality.

Thanks, in no particular order, are due to:

Gray – for doing loads of driving
Grant – for organising everything
Jen – for putting up with us
Jess – for keeping us amused
Fudge – for purring lots

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1 Response to Grantstock – Homeward bound

  1. matt says:

    ooo sounds like a top weekend..

    it;s giving me the impetus to go finding exciting stuff to ride… but the lure of IKEA is greater… EEK!