Autumn brings with it a change of spring

Or more accurately, springs.

The Inbred hasn’t been ridden for a month, and last time I rode it the forks were horrendous, virtually no rebound damping, and a rather harsh action. I think the combination of X-Heavy springs, ant 7.5wt oil was a recipe for disaster. After procastinating for several weeks, today I finally stuck some softer springs in which seems to have tamed them somewhat, and they now feel 100% better. At some point I’ll stick some thicker oil in as well.

The Z1’s on the Stiffee also got some softer springs, as did the Forx on the Craftworks. I was running both with no pre-load, and felt they could be softened up some more. I’ll have to give them all a good ride over the next week or so to see if I’ve improved things, or made them too soft.

Thanks to Grant, the Hack bike is back in action with some Marin Ovation cranks. I seem to have a collection of square-taper Deore drive-side cranks spare if anyone has a need for one. I just don’t seem to get on with the non-drive side ones having rounded the taper in two, and stripped out the pedal thread in a third.

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1 Response to Autumn brings with it a change of spring

  1. grant says:

    My psylos feel shit after not riding the Stiffee for a month. Hm……