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Stormy weather

Tonight seems to be shaping up for torrential rain and strong wind. Just the sort of weather you need when you are going into town for the evening. Anyone seen my wetsuit and snorkel?

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Needles and Pins

Apparently the pins that get provided with Remembrance Day poppys are dangerous and should be banned. Maybe they should ban cardboard boxes as well after I got a nasty cut on my finger from one yesterday. Personally I think it’s … Continue reading

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Driving in my car

Something I don’t seem to being doing very much these days. I filled the car up with fuel in early September. Since then I’ve driven half-way to Scotland and back, across to the far side of Bristol and back, plus … Continue reading

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It’s raining properly this evening. Quite annoying really as I wanted to go riding, but it’s too wet to make it anything resembling a pleasurable experience. I’ll have to settle for a couple of mugs of tea in front of … Continue reading

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Crazy Crazy Nights

Crazy Gang vs Housing Admin Bit of a scrappy game tonight. The alley at the RUH has been revamped, and this knocked a good 15 pins off of each leg. After 3 legs we were losing 2-1, yet were 9 … Continue reading

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I seem to have that “magic” touch when it comes to computers. One of our DLT drives was playing up again (I hate DLT with a passion), several people had tried to get a tape to unload without much success. … Continue reading

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Schools out

It’s the first day of half-term today, and unsurprisingly the roads are virtually empty. Just goes to show how much of the morning traffic is the self-perpetuating school run. The clocks also went back last night, makeing today the first … Continue reading

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The winner loses

All good things must come to an end, and so Bath lose to Newcastle breaking their perfect record for the season so far. At least they are still top of the table. Rode a bike this morning, had no energy … Continue reading

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Cold comfort

Still cold out. Must be the weather. Scouts was somewhat depleted tonight, in part due to a birthday party, and also because one scout is in hospital after scratching his eyeball at scouts last week, and it becoming infected. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Terminal Frost

Well it’s probably not quite terminal, but I need to keep up the musical theme of recent titles. First real frost of the year this morning. The cars are white (ish), and the grass next door is frozen. Winter seems … Continue reading

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