Bloody fireworks

Next door are having a party and fireworks tonight, what’s wrong with waiting until the more usual November 5th? Unsurprisingly Hobbes has gone into hiding, no doubt to return sometime tomorrow when the coast is clear.

Had a dodgy stomach all week which is annoying, but managed to drag myself out on the bike this morning for a gentle 13 miles or so. Might do the same again tomorrow, or more likely is a nice lie-in in the morning followed by England vs Georgia in the afternoon.

Nice to see that Bath won again today, remaining at the top of the table a nice 4 points clear of second placed Quins. One more win and I think they will equal the number of wins of last season. Not bad going for a team who’ve been close to relegation for the last two years.

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  1. matt says:

    I bet that’s messy….