Singlespeed slacker

I seem to have slipped slowly out of the world of singlespeed bikes. Other than a token road-based commute or two, I’ve not ridden my Inbred properly for just over two months now. It’s not seen dirt since early August.

I can half blame this on roadworks. No seriously, stop laughing, it’s the fault of roadworks. I’m stuck down in the bottom of Bath, all around me are hills. My usual route out of town to the south has been subjected to roadworks for the last few months, the alternative routes are steeper and would probably result in me having to lose face and walk up a road climb. Something which seems best avoided by riding a bike with gears.

The other half of the blame can be placed firmly at the feet, or rather tyres, of my new Craftworks FRM125. My new bike which is almost the complete opposite of the Inbred in that it has gears (18 instead of 1), lots of suspension (10.25 inches in total instead of 3), and weighs about twice as much as the Inbred.

I might see if I can take the Inbred for a longer ride tomorrow, I might even re-fit the rigid forks first.

On the other hand, lots of suspension does sound rather appealing….

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2 Responses to Singlespeed slacker

  1. matt says:

    i need to ride soon
    thinking friday with a 5pm start into darkness.. finishing round 7.30

    u just have to endure 6 more days of sh-t oh and i bet it rains too

  2. grant says:

    I need lights, and a gun with which to shoot dog walkers that LET THEIR BEASTS SHIT ALL OVER THE TRAIL.

    Can you tell I am annoyed (and got more on the bike today)