Back to life

My three-day hangover finally cleared enough to drag myself out on the bike. Just for a change I took the road bike out. I rode out as far as Timsbury and spent a couple of hours sorting out Ian’s new computer, then Ian and I took the scenic route back to the outskirts of Bath and split up, he headed back towards Timsbury, I rode round the outskirts of Bath to add a few more miles. Ended up getting home having done 24.5 miles in rather windy conditions, I could have done more except it was getting way past lunchtime and I was a tad hungry.

I actually quite enjoyed riding the road bike, I’ll try not to leave it 14 months before riding it again.

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1 Response to Back to life

  1. matt says:

    i rode too!
    onyl like 22 ish miles.
    my syatica(sp) is easing off a bit now, which is nice.then i went to the gym and now i am here.
    bikes roxxor..

    i have, as yet, not eaten today… I can eat ANYTHING i like now, and not worry.. yay!
    go me

    oowa oowa