Hell froze over and screwed up all my mp3 files.

So Apple finally released iTunes for Windows last week, and there was much rejoicing. In my case this was shortlived and soon replaced by much cursing and swearing.

I installed iTunes, marvelled at the inconsisteny of it’s user interface, then let it lose on my 40Gb or so of mp3 files. Somewhere along the way I must have ticked the box and turned on the option which said “please fuck up all my mp3s for me and don’t tell me you are doing it” as I soon found 1000-odd files mysteriously renamed and refiled in a directory called “unknown artist\unknown album”. I knew exactly what they were until iTunes fucked around with them. Not impressed at all. Especially as it seemingly renamed them as well, making it virtually impossible to put them back in the correct place.

That meant spending several days resurrecting directories, re-ripping albums, retagging files, and generally cursing Apple more and more.

The moral of this story is never trust Apple to release software that works properly, and if you do want to run iTunes for Windows, be very very careful in the settings, and make damn sure all your mp3’s have correct and complete ID3 tags.

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