I seem to have that “magic” touch when it comes to computers.

One of our DLT drives was playing up again (I hate DLT with a passion), several people had tried to get a tape to unload without much success. I wandered in to change another tape and thought I’d just have a quick go at getting the tape out, hit the appropriate button and wandered off, two minutes later it was all sorted.

Of course, now that I’ve mentioned this “magic” touch, I’ll be jinxed for evermore. Best keep me away from anything electrical.

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4 Responses to Supertouch

  1. Lolly says:

    FZZT! BZZZTP! POP! BANG!!! Hissss….

  2. Rich says:

    I’m dreading that moment…. :)

  3. alex says:

    You realise by doing that, all the lights went out in Charlotte Ward….

  4. matt says:

    who’s Charlotte Ward?