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Why am I so damn tired?

I’ve can’t remember the last time I slept properly which doesn’t help, but I’ve no idea what’s causing it. I think I just need about three weeks in bed to recover, and there is no way thats going to happen any time soon. Until then I’ll just carry on being tired and irritable.

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Mud glorious mud

Went for a spin on the Craftworks last night, it was pretty damn cold out, and nice and muddy under foot (or should that be under tyre). The fun part about night riding in the mud is that you’re never quite sure how slippery it’s going to be until just after you start sliding. At least I made it home without falling off.

Concorde flew it’s last flight yesterday landing at Filton airport, thus brining to an end the era of super-sonic passenger flight. We may see a suitable replacement one day, who knows?

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Happy Birthday Jo

The birthday cake was lovely :)

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Mornington Crescent

I’m only using that title to wind up Matt and Grant, and because ISIHAC is on at the moment, although they don’t appear to be partaking of the aforementioned game tonight.

After the disappointing weather of the weekend, it was nice and sunny today although a tad chilly. Shame I haven’t got any time to ride bikes until the weekend.

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Rain, rain, and more rain. I should have just stayed in bed all day.

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Close run thing

The rugby was certainly tense this morning. England had the better run of the first half, but then seemed to field a bunch of morons for the second half, ending up with them giving a stupid penalty away allowing the Aussies to equal the game at 14-14 in the 80th minute. Extra time beckoned and we took the lead 17-14 in the first 10 minute session, then more stupidity let them tie the game at 17-17 with less than three minutes to play. However the last two minutes of play brought out some classic play with an almost perfect lead-in to a perfect drop-goal from Jonny Wilkinson. It must have been the most nerve-wracking 60 minutes of my life after half-time, but at least we came out as world champions. It was nice to see Bath win as well this afternoon, even if all the points did come courtsey of Olly Barkely’s foot, and with Bath being a man down for most of the game.

This evening was a Wine and Wisdom evening to raise money for the local scouts. We were a bit crap at the quiz coming 3rd out of 4 teams, but we mad up for it in the raffle, where I think I could have won 6 over the course of the evening. I settled for one prize in the end.

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Curry report

I can report back that Jaflong does a damn good Chicken Jalfrezi. Not as hot as I’ve had elsewhere, but very tasty. Must go back there again soon.

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Red Red Wine

Today is Beaujolais Nouveau day, the first wine from the 2003 grapes. As is traditional in the Wood family, we gathered together for a bottle or two of Beaujolais to wash down a plate of steak and chips. The wine was actually quite pleasent this year, young and fruity, but with a hefty dose of flavour behind it. Give it a few months and it will be quite palitable, or it would be if we hadn’t drunk it already.

Various pictures from the evening can be found over here.

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Freeze up


My ADSL router decided to freeze completely about 11am this morning, cutting me off from all the scintillating emails I read. I had to wait until I got home to kick it back to life again.

Time for a bike ride I think.

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A place for parks

Housing Admin 5 – Parks 1.

We won a match!!!! And it didn’t go to 8 or 9 legs for a change, it was all over by 10pm.

Housing Admin took 8 points, Parks took 1.

We now have a week off and the next match is in 16 days time. No doubt I’ll lose what little form I have, which given my recent scores can only be considered a good thing.

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