Slippery when wet

Nice and sunny this morning, however the last few days of rain have taken their toll on the trails. There is actually very little mud about, the lack of rain over the last few months has left the ground so dry that it’ll absorb pretty much anything. However there is another downside. Wet leaves, and even worse, wet leaves covering slippery moss-covered rocks. It makes for somewhat unpredictable riding when every so often a wheel decides it would prefer to slip sideways instead of roll forwards.

Just to make things even more fun, it was my first ride with SPD’s for over a year. In some ways I prefer SPD’s, but I much prefer flats when the going gets more technical.

Popped into the LBS on the way home and ended up leaving with some RaceFace trousers. Must remember to pay for them at some point.

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2 Responses to Slippery when wet

  1. grant says:

    oooooh, nice.

    Let me know how they are as I’m maybe looking for something for the winter.