Let it slide

Went for a quick spin on the Craftworks today, it was a bit damp out, and I managed to crash on a wet metal cover and land in the only puddle within 20ft. Wet metal and big “Freeride” tyres do not play together well. I also managed to pick up a puncture yesterday from a big thorn, so had to fix that before I could ride. I actually had to fix it twice due to the patch not sticking correctly first time round.

More heavy rain this afternoon so I settled for replacing some missing pins in my 24-7 Slack pedals, then reading a book. Rock ‘n’ roll.

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4 Responses to Let it slide

  1. Lolly says:

    I think you meant to say “wet metal and tyres do not play together well”. Wet concrete can also be a problem, as I’m sure you know :)

    How are those tractor tyres of yours?

  2. matt says:

    i reckon you need magnetic tyres.

  3. rjw says:

    Very big, very heavy, very grippy, a bit too red though.

  4. grant says:

    red sucks. Sorry. Get them covered in mud sharpish