Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

After fighting with Firewalls and temperamental Dell servers all day, a ride was needed after work.

I got home, fitted the lights, filled the camelbak and the hip flask, got changed and headed out. The ride was quite good, very few people around until I reached town, fireworks illuminated the night sky, and the canal was shrouded in smoke from a bonfire.

Heading back through town was a silly idea as it was full of suicidal idiots heading to the Rec for the fireworks, and who kept crossing the road oblivious to my presence. If 36W of Lumicycle lights can’t get them to notice me they deserve the semi-deliberate near-miss they were subjected to. The minidisc drowned out their complaints.

On the way out I bumped into one of my drinking partners from last Thursday, I was reassuring to discover that everyone else was as ill as I was on the Friday. We might have a quieter drink when our livers have recovered.

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