Idiots rule

There is a story on the local “news” webshite about how motorists in Bath are driving to Keynsham to fill up with petrol because it’s cheaper.

Lets do some basic maths here:

Apparently it’s 3p per litre cheaper to fill up in Keynsham. So on a nominal 55litre fill-up that will save you £1.60 or so, which would buy you less than half a gallon of petrol, and so would probably get you 15 to 20 miles if you are lucky.

Keynsham is 7 miles from Bath, so that’s a 14mile round trip give or take, which pretty much wipes out that saving you’ve just made. Plus there is the wear and tear to the car and the time you spend driving there and back.

Just proves the stupidity of the public in that they’ll spend more money to fill up with fuel yet convince themselves that they are actually saving money.

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