TV Party

Tonight has been a quiet night of vegetating in front of the telly watching various DVD’s.

First off was X2, pretty good, I think I need to watch it again though. That was quickly followed by Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the original Tobe Hooper version, not the recent remake. The finale is currently being provided by Road to Perdition which I’ve only watched on a portable TV so far, so it might make more sense now that I can see it properly.

Didn’t ride a bike today, couldn’t really be bothered. Thanks to Ian I now have a workstand, so may strip, lube, and rebuild the rear-end of the Craftworks tomorrow if I don’t go out riding. I might even put the flat pedals back on it.

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2 Responses to TV Party

  1. matt says:

    do you want to fix my bikes for me?

  2. grant says:

    X2 rocks.

    Geek link that explains the end of the film:

    (Spoilers I suppose, but the filmed storyline will be very different from the one in the books…)