500 miles

The Craftworks is three months old and nearing 500 miles now, so I felt it was time to strip and regrease it’s rear end. Armed with a set of allen keys, a socket set, and a hammer, I set about stripping it down. It would have been easier if I’d removed the chain, mech, and brake caliper first, but I wasn’t going to let that get in my way. Everything came apart nice and easily, and all the pivots were nice and clean with the exception of the drive-side rear chainstay which was a bit grimey. The bearings in the rocker-arm popped out nice and easily and the grease inside was still nice and clean, which is reassuring.

Everything went back together nice and easily with the help of plenty of grease and a dab of thread-lock, it does feel a lot smoother now. I shall endeavour to take it for a proper ride tomorrow to check it all still works properly.

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10 Responses to 500 miles

  1. grant says:

    /m waits for Craftworks to fall apart tomorrow

  2. Rich says:

    It’s a distinct possibility.

    It’s uber-plush now though.

  3. Father says:

    So what was actually wrong with it?

  4. matt says:

    he was probably tinkering for the sake of tinkering.

  5. Rich says:

    It had gunky bearings and had got a bit stiff.

    Not anymore though.

  6. matt says:

    serves you right for riding it :-)

  7. Rich says:

    At least I actually ride my bikes :)

  8. grant says:

    Very true.

    The Norco was clean today. Twice.

    Cleaned it this morning, took it out, got it uber-muddy again, cleaned it.


  9. matt says:

    dirty bikes work better :)

  10. rjw says:

    Unfortunately mine got cleaned in the rain on Friday night.