On my radio

Tonight marks the return of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue to Radio 4 at 18:30, closely followed by a repeat of an older episode over on Radio 7.

Anyone for Mornington Crescent?

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10 Responses to On my radio

  1. matt says:


  2. Lolly says:

    Which rules would we be playing should such a scenario arise?

  3. rjw says:

    International Standard rules I think. A nice easy one to start with to help Matt get a better understanding of the nuances of the game.

  4. rjw says:

    Actually, in honour of the visit of some bonkers american bloke, we should use the official american rules:

    Under the original regulations this meant that half the players only joined in two years late. But these have been recently modified in that the winner, who is actually decided before the game, can start anytime he pleases. Remember tourist sites count double, Grosvenor Square is wild, and any Bush related move will trump. You are permitted to ask directions.

  5. Father says:

    Note that the American rules also require that you retrospectively claim responsibilty for all victories whether you fought in the battles or not.

  6. grant says:

    “Anyone for Mornington Crescent?”



  7. grant says: