Mornington Crescent

I’m only using that title to wind up Matt and Grant, and because ISIHAC is on at the moment, although they don’t appear to be partaking of the aforementioned game tonight.

After the disappointing weather of the weekend, it was nice and sunny today although a tad chilly. Shame I haven’t got any time to ride bikes until the weekend.

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9 Responses to Mornington Crescent

  1. Rich says:

    I spoke too soon :)

  2. matt says:

    it started raining?

  3. Rich says:

    Nope, a game of Mornington Crescent.

    In fact there were two tonight, one in each episode.

  4. matt says:

    weirdo… it’s people like you that end up getting arrested for bad things.

  5. rjw says:

    But that was in another country. And besides, the wench is dead.

  6. matt says:

    someone should have stopped rich years ago…..

    ..31 years ago


  7. Rich says:

    Not quite 31….

    Give me a couple of weeks though.

  8. matt says:

    i know but 30years11months10days didn’t work too well :-)