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This is the end

Yet another year draws to a close. I wonder if next year will be any different, and how long will it take me to remember to write the date correctly?

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All Mod Cons

The modchip for my XBOX has been posted and should be here tomorrow morning, that gives me plenty to do on Thursday then.

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Project Gotham Racing 2 on the XBOX is viciously addictive. I must try not to waste all my time on it again tonight, although given that I’ve been playing constantly for the last two hours, that doesn’t look very likely.

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I think I have overdosed on beer.

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Reward offered

…for the return of my toes. Last seen, or rather felt, somewhere up on Combe Down. A good ride despite the loss of feeling in my toes, nice and sunny but very windy. The crossbike is fantastic, although it takes … Continue reading

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Ride time

The last time I rode a bike for more than about 3 miles, was one month ago today. It’s time to rectify that, so I’m heading out on the cross bike for an hour or so to see how unfit … Continue reading

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Quiet life

A quiet couple of days. Rode up to my parents to collect the car yesterday, nearly died on the way up the hill, took about 2 hours before I stopped feeling like I was about to throw up. Then went … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

Well thats another Christmas over and done with. I’ve just returned from doing the family thing, and am slumped in the armchair deliberating whether or not to go for a festive bike ride. I think that the bike ride may … Continue reading

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happy christmas

Apparently it’s christmas. Doesn’t really feel like it, although thats probably a side-effect of getting older.

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The joys of working christmas eve

Currently we are sat around eating slightly sweaty mature cheddar (I think), and drinking red wine and vintage port from chipped and coffee-stained mugs. Does life get any better?

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