Still ill

Still bunged up and aching. Couldn’t face going out so I’ve just pottered round the house all day. I cleaned my Stiffee, shimmed the front brake, re-routed the gear cables, and took the stickers off of the forks. The forks could do with reduced travel, but I can’t be arsed stripping them down at the moment.

Back to the office tomorrow, I’ll probably end up spending the first couple of days just catching up with my emails. Judicious use of “delete” will no doubt speed things along nicely.

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3 Responses to Still ill

  1. grant says:

    wooooah noo……wooaahhhhhhh nooooooooo…

    Oh am I………

  2. matt says:

    It would be nice if there was a ‘backspace’ key for life.
    or just an APPLE(CTRL)-Z ;-)

  3. Father says:

    I still think it’s all down to too much enjoyment. I didn’t get where I am today with etc….etc….etc