Mutual illness

I’m still suffering with a sore throat and stuff, and Hobbes now has a selection of pills designed to provide endless amusement for me as I try to get him to take them. Tuna seems to be the best solution.

Update: Grant would like me to mention that he is also ill. I think he felt a bit left out that I didn’t mention him earlier.

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7 Responses to Mutual illness

  1. grant says:

    Oi, you forgot to mention me, ya git.

  2. Rich says:

    You don’t live in my house :)

    Give me a moment or two….

  3. alex says:

    Poor hobbes.

  4. Rich says:

    I’m the one who’s poor,

  5. Father says:

    Look upon it as an early birthday present to yourself! Maintaining the health of your live-in companion!

  6. grant says:

    Oi Matt – dunno why you are laughing as at least he has a friend/housemate – you are the scary loner……..