Dead Balls

Treasurers vs Housing Admin

After a slight delay caused by a lack of balls and pins, the presence of new balls at CDRFC spelt disaster for Housing Admin. There was no life in the balls at all, they were completely dead, and consequently things went to pot. After a very scrappy game, we eventually lost 5-2.

Treasurers 8 points, Housing Admin 2.

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5 Responses to Dead Balls

  1. matt says:

    BOOOOooooooooooo etc

  2. lolly says:

    A bad player always blames his um… balls.

  3. weeze says:

    Yes, having played with them last night, I can verify that the balls were indeed dodgy and had no play in them at all.

  4. matt says:

    It was quite cold last night. can’t blame them for being a little hard. :0)

  5. Father says:

    But the Treasurers balls were alright for playing with then?