Post party précis

Last nights party continued until the early hours, fueled by gin and tonic, port, and orange vodka, I think my collection of piercings amused and perplexed a few people, prompting such questions as “so where exactly does the ring go then?”. Quite surprisingly I wasn’t hungover this morning. The journey back was nice and swift as well, there was very little traffic about considering the proximity to christmas.

Once back in civilisation, I got the pesky present wrapping chore out of the way, which should leave me free to imbibe plenty more alcohol before Thursday. Looks like christmas eve will end up being a quiet night of recovery at home.

Best news is that I am due to pick up my new toy on Tuesday morning, that should provide plenty of fun and spanner-wielding opportunities over the festive period.

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1 Response to Post party précis

  1. Mother says:

    Where does WHAT ring go?