Crossing over

The new cross bike is built, it feels great after a quick test ride. It feels like what I wanted the road bike to be when I got that 20 months or so ago. Hopefully it’ll get a proper test ride on Boxing Day, or failing that over the weekend.

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6 Responses to Crossing over

  1. matt says:

    i cancelled the order for my xmas present :-(

  2. Father says:

    And to think that his Mother and I agonised over the Halfords Special Christmas Offers. Couldn’t decide between the ‘Barbi’ and the ‘Action Man’ BMX specials!

  3. Father says:

    Mind you we settled on some surprise ‘Spokey-dokeys’!
    Now, you may need to be old enough to remember those, but they came free with Weetabix! That could explain his size!

  4. matt says:


    so weetabix is to blame!!

  5. grant says:

    Bah. Wheetabix and pies.


    (Yes, I know I can hardly talk!!!!!)