Quiet life

A quiet couple of days. Rode up to my parents to collect the car yesterday, nearly died on the way up the hill, took about 2 hours before I stopped feeling like I was about to throw up. Then went out to my brothers and spent a while setting up Ethan’s farm. Wandered home in the evening and watched a bit of TV and read quite a bit.

Today I headed to Sainsburys as I hadn’t got much food. Neither had they. Popped into the LBS to have a look at the sale, spent a whole £4 on two more inner tubes. The rest of the day has been spent lounging around, putting presents away, and finished off the book I was reading. Shame there is only one day left before I have to go back to work.

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1 Response to Quiet life

  1. matt says:

    i don’t want to go back to work either.