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Ill again, so working from home today. Managed to screw up the HD in my laptop so bit the bullet and decided to install Linux instead of XP. Given that I’m being forced to switch from FreeBSD to Linux at … Continue reading

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Microwave has died :(

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We have light

My replacement charger from Lumicycle arrived intact today despite the postman delivering the box through an opening that was slightly too small. The batteries are now on charge and I might attempt a ride about 6pm tonight.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

A new charger should be on it’s way to me tonight. I can hopefully then get back to riding to work instead of walking.

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When the lights go out

Lumicycle are currently refusing to replace my failed charger under warranty as the case is cracked, partly due to having to open it when it failed so I could test the fuses. Apparently 4 months is an acceptable lifespan for … Continue reading

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Off the pace

Pace are due to release their new RC40XCFR fork soon. It all sounds very nice, with adjustable 100-130mm travel, open oil-bath damping, oil-impregnated foam washers (a-la Fox forx), pimpy carbon lowers, launch-control, etc. But one thing still worries me and … Continue reading

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Housing Admin vs Picadillys

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When "free" operating systems cost more than MS Windows

I’ve been testing a mail filtering system to sit in front of our Exchange servers, this runs on FreeBSD and costs the princely sum of 0p for the software. Someone then decides that they don’t like FreeBSD because of the … Continue reading

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Muddy fun

Went for a late spin on the Stiffee tonight, got absolutely covered in mud and slid sideways down most of one descent. Got home and went to put the battery for my Lumi’s on charge, only to find that the … Continue reading

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Financial fuckwits

Currently our finance department seem to be doing their utmost to fuck everything up. There is a total freeze on orders, so they have been refusing to process orders for such essential items as envelopes, printer consumables, blank cd-r media, … Continue reading

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