Foggy night rides

Lazy day today, woke up late, spent a few hours in town shopping, then about 6:30 finally got enough energy together to head out on the bike. Took the Stiffee for a change and headed out round the university. Riding across the top was interesting as it was quite foggy, making it somewhat difficult to work out where the track was going, and even harder to spot the slippery muddy patches. However it was a fun ride, and nice to get back out on proper off-road tracks again.

Next ride is planned for Tuesday, weather permitting.

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4 Responses to Foggy night rides

  1. grant says:


    Glad to see you riding a proper bike again. ;-)

  2. matt says:

    he doesn’t have a Chameleon.


  3. rjw says:

    He said "proper bike" :)

  4. Father says:

    Still missing the opportunity of the Action man special, are we?