BPI on course for self-destruction

The BPI are seemingly doing their best to kill off the record industry in the UK. As previously mentioned they are taking CD-Wow to court for selling CDs from abroad cheaper than you can buy them here. They are also targetting Play, and are investigating Amazon (US). The last one strikes me as even more bizzarre, as they are investigating a US company, not the UK arm which only sells UK CDs, in effect they want to stop us buying CDs from anywhere but a UK shop.

Maybe they should spend their time working out why it costs around £12 to buy a CD on the high street here, yet the same CD can be bought from abroad and shipped halfway around the world for around £8.

If they succeed in cutting off the supply of cheap CDs, they will only kill off their own market. Personally I refuse to pay the inflated prices we get charged over here, and will just stop buying CDs at all and resort to downloading them from the internet. The end result is that the record companies will then get no money whatsoever from me.

I already refuse to buy copy-protected CD’s, something which the Belgians seem to have right idea about.

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8 Responses to BPI on course for self-destruction

  1. marc says:

    Aye. spot on. truly mad.

    also don’t forget music sales went up last year and all is quite well in music biz towers despite what they claim.

    as far as copy protected cd’s go. I unknowingly brought one the other day (funeral for a friend), however by putting it in a ‘puter with autoplay turned off I could rip it quite happily :-)

  2. grant says:

    That’s good to know Marc. Howsabout a copy then? ;-)

    I remember reading about the uk music sales figures. Wasn’t it that unit sales were up, but actual profit was down, because of the low cost of CD’s in spermarkets etc (according to the BPI) or somesuch? (may have been the complete opposite though!!!)

    Something on Mike D’s site???

  3. grant says:

    That’s some fecking typo…”spermarkets ”

  4. matt says:

    If they ban CD’s then they have to ban all sales from abroad, people will stop buying stuff in Ripoff Britain, the government will suffer, many businesses will go bust, the record industry will fake some new figures to show how much of a success it is, there will be NO smaller bands on record labels, with the only choices of albums being from POPCLONE bands.

  5. Father (being serious for a change!) says:

    Absolutely right, Matt. The UK has no legal jurisdiction over any companies let alone non UK companies. It may be able to excercise influence over Euro Regs but the BPI will have to get legislation changed to stop supplies leaving a foreign country or entering this one, or bring in currency controls! It is not going to happen. This is another example of BPI bluster trying to mask the real reasons for the rip-off prices. With the further decline in the dollar I see CD-Wow are now

  6. matt says:


    /me tries to resist shopping!

  7. Nick W says:

    I use dbPowerAmp to successfully rip 99% of CDs straight to mp3, regardless of copy protection. Just occassionally (eg.Will Young) I have to rip to .wav and then convert those. I have 11,000 tracks on my modified 60Gb Archos jukebox and LEGALLY OWN every one of them on CD. Fuck the BPI – and roll on May, when Eastern Europe joins the EU. Polish CDs are well cheap!!