Government in “not understanding the internet” shocker

There is a new advert floating around on the TV at the moment threatening you with instant death1 if you fail to tax your car on time. At the end of the advert it pops up a message in a retro ZX Spectrum style font, part of which says “”.

What is that meant to refer to? It’s not an email address, it’s not a web site (there is no host, and they don’t appear to have renamed the DVLA in a fit of e-moneywasting, so why put it in the advert at all?

My guess is that it’s just a desire to look e-literate which has lead them to show themselves as clueless e-fuckwits.

1: OK it’s an 80 quid fine rather than instant death, but you get my point.

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12 Responses to Government in “not understanding the internet” shocker

  1. lolly says:


    I notice it works if you add the www. to the beginning…

  2. matt says:

    i was about to mention that :-)
    safari added it automagically for me.

  3. AND they used Anti Aliasing on the font in the ad, when the whole point in using a ‘speccy’ type font it you can leave the aliasing off to make it look more retro



  4. lolly says:

    Aye, but without 1337 g33k5 like us the whole world would look crap ;-)

  5. grant says:

    Very true.

    Withou g33ks like you though, the world would smell nicer though.

  6. i smell nice
    it’s lolly that smells.

  7. grant says:

    He smells of hairspray and hair dye.

  8. Mike D says:

    In a similar vein, the Beeb’s presenters often give out “URLs” like or which just redirect to the BBC homepage. Which isn’t very useful.

  9. Rich says:

    Or such delights as…

    “you can email us at

  10. lolly says:

    Aye, I always chuckled a geeky chuckle at “email me at″ :-)