Porters vs Housing Admin

Back on home territory tonight. Well, home territory for me anyway. We managed to continue our unbeaten run for the year with another good win.

3 spares helped us to win the match 5-1, and by a clear 20 pins.

Porters took 1 point, Housing Admin took 8.

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6 Responses to Porters vs Housing Admin

  1. grant says:

    3 spare what?



  2. Rich says:

    A spare is when you knock down all 9 pins and still have balls left to throw.

  3. lolly says:

    You should start an extreme skittles league. Quite how to make it extreme i’m not sure. Maybe have circular saws in there or something.

  4. grant says:

    and wear body armour and make the devils horms after every go.

    Hi-5 after scoting a point………

  5. Father says:

    Flaming balls?