BPI force CD price rise

BPI has forced CD-WOW to stop parallel importing of CDs, therefore forcing CD-WOW to raise it’s prices by £2 per CD to £10.99

Henceforth I won’t be buying any CDs from CD-WOW due to the greed of the BPI. If they manage to convince Play.com to do the same thing I’ll probably stop buying CDs altogether and just download them from the internet.

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8 Responses to BPI force CD price rise

  1. grant says:

    From some bloke’s blog:

    “Ahem: Let’s raise prices to stop these importers, that will help us and
    not drive music lovers to download more music. AT ALL.”

    Are the BPI going after Tesco and Asda at all? They seem to sell CD’s for

  2. matt says:

    as mentioned before, it’s going to backfire.
    of course the will manipulate the album sales figures for 2004 to prove they are correct.. etc etc.

    can i hear you say “muppets”

  3. they are checking amazon.
    they won’t check tesco and asda as they are big and mean and have won cases in the past. plus i bet the worked out deals with the BPI to get the cheap stuff.

    they make the profit by number of units sold rather than profit margin also (istr)

  4. grant says:

    Aye, cutting the profit on a single unit basis but selling enough for it not to matter.

  5. matt says:

    it’s what happend with the whole Levis thing.
    (although they did import their own i think)

  6. alan says:

    Whatever happened to the Global Economy ? It suits companies to move their production to 3rd world countries with 3rd world wages when they think they can make a buck or two.

    If they weren’t trying to rip us off with inflated prices in the first place there wouldn’t be a problem…greedy muppets ! It’ll serve them right if everyone stops buying cd’s.

    I’ve had a trawl to see if you can import these yourself but it’s going to be hard to beat CD-WOW prices.

  7. matt says:

    amazon.co.uk, are actualyl cheaper for some albums anyway, but you have to pay postage.

  8. Father says:

    Now a cynic might suggest setting up another company and doing it all over again, after all we’ve had about 5 years. This was not a legal decision just bullying on a giant scale.