Off the pace

Pace are due to release their new RC40XCFR fork soon. It all sounds very nice, with adjustable 100-130mm travel, open oil-bath damping, oil-impregnated foam washers (a-la Fox forx), pimpy carbon lowers, launch-control, etc. But one thing still worries me and will stop me from considering buying them.

The problem is that they say Pace on them. I’ve heard too many stories of Pace forks needing to go back to the factory to be resuscitated to risk buying them. Even my original RC-35s had to go back to be repaired, and there was hardly anything that could go wrong with them. Maybe I’ll change my mind in 12 months, but Pace really need to improve their perceived reliability to make these a credible fork.

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2 Responses to Off the pace

  1. matt says:

    i think if forx were a fraction lighter they would kill the rc40 dead!.

    but i would only ever buy forx as we all know they rock.

    indeed it’;s almost time to make a purchase.. float or vanillas?